•The usage of business equipment - in order to ensure the enterprise-grade protection is necessary to apply complex business system. Such equipment provides the wireless solution to cover every part of the office. Incorporating UTM or firewall in the system ensures that the entire wireless traffic from APs forward to them achieving the same level of security as well the LAN network. Wireless APs forward traffic to the firewall or UTM giving wireless clients the same level of security as if they were physically connected to the LAN, wireless traffic should be integrated into the network security infrastructure, WiFi traffic is scanned and secured just as efficiently as wired LAN traffic, wireless traffic flows through the full network security infrastructure so it can be scanned for malware. Also, business equipment allows the administrator to control the level of power supplied AP's, that they would not have been an easy target for potential hackers.

• Definition of security policies - user needs is to have a uninterrupted Internet access anytime and anywhere using different devices, this is nightmare to system administrators. Therefore, they are looking for a tool that allows them to Ease-of-use and secured management both users and traffic. Modern solutions provide advanced WPA2 encryption, defining security-reliable passwords  and private SSID network in which employees are assigned.

• Separation of customer network from the guests when setting up the system, the network administrator can quickly and easily assign VLAN, or SSID, according to their  needs.

Central administration

• Simple deployment and administration

User friendly GUI provides easier creation of the network, corporate access point's and adding locations using the step-by-step guidance. The system was made to be simple for use and those that are not wireless experts. Also, the system allows the network to be up-to-date and easy to deploy new features.

• Monitoring and controlling of Internet traffic from a central location

GUI provides monitoring of every point of the system. Administrator at any time can see how each user takes the bandwidth that you perform actions that are not permitted. In the case of activities that are illegal, the system automatically alerts the administrator to such phenomena. 

• Ability to manage multiple locations from a single location (Multi-site management)

The great advantage of the system is unlimited possibility of scalability, which allow the user a quick and easy way how the system assigns a new access point's, as well as new locations are managed from a single, central point. Also, scalability, and management is enabled through the cloud (cloud scalability).

• Easy administration (easy of use) - Nowadays when required best-buy investment and the best ratio obtained, while proposed solution also provides the best price-performance ratio and weather introducing solutions and successful implementation by employees as short as possible. The primary task is to provide ease of management by the average trained employee.

Wireless hotspot

• Secure guest access and hotspot setup

UTM hotspot functionality allows additional control over the guest wireless access using captive portal. Captive portal is a website that is automatically displayed to users after connecting to the specified wireless network. Access to other resources are enabled only after successful user interaction with the portal. Design of captive portal can be customized freely and redesign that allows insertion of company logo and change titles or redesign forms. 

Each user receives a voucher, whose code must be typed on captive portal during the first connection. Voucher definition may limit access to certain aspects such as:

• Validity period - the period of validity of the vouchers from the moment of its activation. After the expiry of this period, voucher codes shall cease to be valid.

• Time quota - the maximum time that users can be online with a voucher. Weather starts to be measured from a login or logout to terminate or automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

• Data volume - the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted from one voucher in MB or GB.


• What is the advantage of modular system?
Unlike in the previous system in which it was very difficult to make any, even the smallest changes, partly due to incompatibility of equipment from different manufacturers, which because of its high rates of investment in additional equipment, but the buyers decided in advance for the purchase of additional equipment that is very often in the beginning was not used and the time lost on its value solutions that we offer have the option of simple, easy and fast upgrades in accordance with the concept of '' Invest as much as you need ''. Time is possible to start working with a relatively modest investment, but over time that occur need for additional services, invest in them. This provides the optimal ratio of invested and returned. Also, this kind of expansion system allows monitoring of modern technological flows that provide a market leadership role in the business in which the user is dealing with.

o Initial investment towards the real needs;
o Easy and fast firmware upgrades;
o Invest how to grow (as there is a need for new equipment and services);
o The ability to follow modern trends.

Additional values

• Enabled VIP service

Guests who need a flow that exceeds offered, it is possible to offer a few extra advanced, flexible service packages against their services. Such packages can be combined during their lifetime, measured in hours and their of performance (speed and range).

• The advantage over the competition

By introducing modern technological solutions, and the most demanding customers the opportunity to meet their business or private purposes, thus in choosing the hotel where they will stay, your elected administration.

• Congressional tourism

A flexible allocation of improved performance specific SSID's, hotel within its conference rooms can provide the conditions for the maintenance of the most demanding congresses, in which the necessary two-way audio, video and data communications.


• Secured declared flow

Every guest has guaranteed Internet flow that is publicly declared, which enabled them to their mobile smartphone or laptop computer, carry out basic operations that do not require high-speed flow and data volume. This guest did not mislead you can freely use Wi-Fi for activities that require resources of a much larger scope than his guaranteed.

• Reliability, of performance and safety

By controlling each gues account, a network administrator easily monitors all traffic within the network, which can act preventively if there is a risk of any problems or notice of illegal activities that may violate the security of the customer.

• Roaming

Using modern services, primarily for audio communication (Viber, Whats up, ..) will be of the same quality in all areas of the hotel, and users will not have to because of poor service to pay additional bills for phone calls over the mobile network provider. Moving through the hotel during the talks the user will not feel the delay in the handset, intermittent sound or in the worst case disconnect. The system is configured so that passes within range of the APs do not affect the quality of services.


• Why choose cloud-managed?

To enable easy monitoring and management of the complete system from a central location. The system itself is simple to deploy, set up, and maintain, and easy scalability - just add an access point. A particularly important advantage is the feature velocity - cloud development allows for much faster integration of new features. Commercial aspects, this way of building a system to monthly lease payments licenses or shift from CAPEX to OPEX.

• Benefits of cloud-managed

o Faster innovation 

o the Central Dashboard

o Better scalability 

o Management of AP, AP Incident Reporting, Alerts

o Basic Site Planning (Pinpoint your sites using Google Maps)

o Multi-site management

o Auto Channel Selection

o Bridge to the VLAN

o the 5 GHz Mesh

o Wireless Network Planner